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Eatin’ and Sippin’ Locally isn't just another tourist podcast.

Each month, host Yolanda Nagy sits down with  food bloggers and small business owners to discover their hidden recipes for experiencing Austin,Texas locally.



Dec 30, 2019

Show Notes

Brian Ozimek, Founder and Chef of Loco Avocado.

His sauces are only sold in Austin, Texas.

Find out what’s so crazy delicious about his sauces,

and how his wife’s pickiness created such a great opportunity.

Visit his website to find more information and tasty recipes at:

Loco Avocado

Where to buy Loco...

Dec 27, 2019

From Acai bowls to tacos, the Austin food scene has something for everyone, but at first glance, it may not seem like there are many family friendly options. Well do I have a treat for you parents out there!

I want to reintroduce you to my fellow foodie, Ashley M. Join us as we talk about her transformation to mom life...