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Eatin’ and Sippin’ Locally isn't just another tourist podcast.

Each month, host Yolanda Nagy sits down with  food bloggers and small business owners to discover their hidden recipes for experiencing Austin,Texas locally.



Dec 27, 2019

From Acai bowls to tacos, the Austin food scene has something for everyone, but at first glance, it may not seem like there are many family friendly options. Well do I have a treat for you parents out there!

I want to reintroduce you to my fellow foodie, Ashley M. Join us as we talk about her transformation to mom life as a food blogger.

She shares with me how she went from posting her favorite recipes to visiting some of the best foodie events in ATX has to offer. However, once her second child arrived Ashley admits her life looked quite different from the single food bloggers, she knew within the Austin Food Blogger Alliance.

Ashley shares with me her journey to a more family friendly view of the Austin scene. Listen in as we talk about her blog, mom tips, and kid-friendly places to eat around Austin. She even breaks down the must have items to have in the car to make dining with your little ones an easy and fun experience.

Check in with Ashely M





Austin Food Blogger Alliance

Ashley's Favorite Podcast show

Armchair Expert with Dex Shepard

One I recommend.

Moms Who Rule the World Amy Dunkel

Max's Naptime Suit 

Merlin Sleep Suit

White Noise

Newborn Baby White Noise Benefits



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